ELAINE JAKES was a schoolteacher in suburban Philadelphia. Living in the vivacious and eccentric community of New Hope, Pa, in the 1970s and 1980s, she very much reflected that town’s character. Yet another place, Wales, the land of her forefathers, ever kept a spiritual hold on her, beckoning her homeward through the most unexpected of mechanisms (e.g. scents, strolls along a canal, animals, family and friends) until she discovers who she really is, and God’s unrelenting love.

Her son, H. R. JAKES, a writer who lives in Texas, compiled her story. He has been writing all his life, and she thus felt confident to entrust him with that task. Through him, further books in this series will be forthcoming, first among them Curious Recipes: The Mostly Welsh Cookbook of Elaine Jakes, a charming (and tasty) combination of Elaine’s tales with detailed recipes, featuring as an aspect of every vignette the story behind each culinary delight.

H.R. JAKES, writes the Curious Autobiography series . He speaks with pen, is a polyglot, and bikes a lot. Falch o dras Gymreig. Visit  Amazon’s author page for more information at Author.to/curiousauto.