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“A riveting and entertaining read from beginning to end, The Curious Autobiography of Elaine Jakes is wonderfully entertaining and certain to be an enduringly popular addition to community library General Fiction collections.”

Midwest Book Review

“Loaded with myriad humour, witty asides and universal stories about interesting people and times.”

—excerpt from What Travel Writers Say

“I found it to be a book that I wanted to take my time to enjoy!! If you are looking for an enjoyable book for a long evening, pick this up and you will not be disappointed.”

—Unlimited Books Online Library reader

Elaine Jakes’ life is a tale full of sound and fury, but one signifying something universal: a life of ongoing transformation. Zorba the Greek, were he a real person, would have fallen in love with Elaine immediately: they both embrace with total abandon “the whole catastrophe” (Zorba’s phrase) of the human condition.

Amazon customer review

“Somewhere between faith and truth there lies a curious seed implanted which grows to a wandering spirit from faith in something bigger outside of ourselves. This book touches all of this. This is the kind of book you want to sit before a roaring fire enjoying a glass of port and lose yourself in the narrative.”

Amazon customer review

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